ECKANKAR offers a variety of international and local activities for the spiritual seeker with hundreds of study groups around the world. In many countries there are ECK centers or groups of ECKists that you can contact.
For information about worldwide seminars and international events, please go to the
ECKANKAR official web site.

In Serbia there are ECK meetings in Belgrade – Community HU Song at 17:00 and The Mystic World discussion at 18:00, on the last Sunday of each month.

If you like to attend in some activities or to have further information, please go to the Contact section.

For Satsang classes and other activities reserved for ECKANKAR members, please go to the Login section-see tab above.


Event in January 2020
Sunday  26.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"  
Event in December 2019
Sunday  22.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul" 
Event in November 2019
Sunday  24.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"    
Event in Oktober 2019
Sunday  27.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"  

Event in September 2019
Sunday  29.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"  

Event in August  2019
Sunday 25.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul" 
Event in Jul  2019
Sunday  28.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"   

Event in Jun  2019
Sunday  30.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"  
Event in May  2019
Sunday  26.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"  
Event in April  2019
Sunday  28.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"   
Event in March  2019
Sunday 31.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul"
Event in February  2019
Sunday 24.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul" 
Event in January  2019
Sunday 27.  5:00pm  Event "The Sound of Soul" 
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