Paul Twitchell, modern-day founder of Eckankar, and Harold Klemp have written many books on Eckankar that can be bought online at the Official Main Site of ECKANKAR.

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stellaECKANKAR-Drevna mudrost za danas (free)
Ancient Wisdom for Today (free) Drevna

This earth is a big old schoolhouse. In fact, so is this entire material level of existence called the physical plane. However, we’re here to learn more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. We’re here to find our way back to God.



stellaDuhovne Vežbe ECK-a
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

          —Harold Klemp

The book is like a staircase with 131 steps. It’s a very special staircase, because you don’t have to climb all 131 steps to get to the top. And what awaits you at the top? The doorway to spiritual freedom, self-mastery, wisdom, and love. 

Each step is a spiritual exercise. Much like physical exercise helps you build physical vitality, spiritual exercises help you build spiritual vitality. As you climb these steps, you will discover how to: 
• Solve problems 
• Master your fate
• Achieve self-discipline
• Meet with the Inner Master
• Dream consciously
• Protect yourself spiritually
• Achieve balance and harmony
• Soul Travel into the splendorous worlds of God.


stella Stranac na reci
 Stranger by the RiverStraniero Fiume

          —Paul Twitchell

Stranger by the River helps you navigate the river of life in the tradition of other classics as Kalil Gibran’s The Prophet , William Blake’s mystical poetry, and the Bible’s Song of Solomon. Begin to experience a new consciousness when you see yourself from the perspective of Soul, a divine spark of God. Learn to recognize God’s love through your relationships with your spouse or lover, your friends, and your family. 

You’ll thrill to the revelations each new chapter brings. The gentle wisdom revealed in the thirty-four spiritual dialogues between the great ECK Adept Rebazar Tarzs and the Seeker comes alive like a fire in your own heart.


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